The purpose of life is to live it, and taste new experiences to the utmost… - Roosevelt

FoodQuest is a company dedicated to new experiences in the culinary field. We believe that food preparation is an art form. And an essential part of this belief is an appreciation of quality – in ingredients, in culinary talent, in food service, in ambience. FoodQuest therefore has a vision – to bring the customer a dazzling taste experience of a quality benchmarked against global standards. The company is currently operating in Mumbai, with plans to bring FoodQuest experiences to other cities

Rishab Kapur
Managing Director

Rishab combines a degree in Marketing from Notre Dame with a study of the Japanese language. With an early career in frozen seafood exports, he is the founder of a unique enterprise that combines food processing and supply chain logistics to many famous QSR chains around India. At FoodQuest, his experience with menu management and deep insight into back-end operations gives our company a significant edge.

Priya Kapur
Executive Director

With a degree from Wellesley, Priya spent ten years managing finance and marketing in her family-owned chemical business. After a successful buyout by a large international partner, she moved on to FoodQuest. Here she manages the team, finance and the day to day challenges facing any start-up. She is the 'go to' person in our organization and embodies the spirit and culture that is FoodQuest.